Ascension Lutheran Church – Citrus Heights, CA – Sierra Pacific Synod, ELCA

About Us

Ascension gathers for worship in the sanctuary and online every Sunday for Classic Worship with classic hymns at 8:30 am and Modern Worship with modern music at 11 am Pacific time.


Our congregation accepts all of the Old and New Testaments as the uniquely inspired Word of God and the authoritative source and norm of its proclamation, faith, and life.


Lutheran Church of the Ascension is a member of the Sierra Pacific Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, who believe, teach and preach that God is one God, and is the Triune Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This congregation accepts and professes the Apostles, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds.


We believe that no human being exists by accident but has been uniquely brought into existence by divine intent and for a divine purpose, that God has a plan for each individual’s life. However, we also believe that all human beings are sinners and in need of God’s gracious forgiveness, that God loves all people, no matter who they are or what a person may have done, and desires that all persons are saved. We believe that God offers everyone salvation as a gift of grace through the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.  This congregation offers the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion) at all Sunday worship services and at special weekday evening services. For, we believe, the church is the assembly of believers called and gathered by God around Word and Sacrament, and that the mission and ministry of Christ’s church is carried out within the context of individual congregations, which work together locally and globally.  The people of Lutheran Church of the Ascension invite you to worship with us. It is our deep passion to share Christ and the message of what God has done for all people through Jesus Christ with all people, everywhere.


Together we created a “Relational Covenant”. A relational covenant is a written document that answers the question, “How will we work together and discuss issues when we don’t understand each other and when we don’t agree?”

As a congregation it is our goal to understand how much God loves us. As we grow in our understanding of God’s love for us, we can then better show how we love God, love one another, and love the community even when we do not agree with each other. As we love God and each other through Lutheran Church of the Ascension we become better equipped to show God’s love to the community and world.