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Red Letter Challenge – Introduction

Ascension Devotions
Red Letter Challenge - Introduction

Welcome to Ascension Lutheran Church in Citrus Heights, CA, and our 2022 Lenten daily devotional.  During Lent this year you are invited to participate in the Red Letter Challenge with all the saints of Ascension. To be clear, the challenge is not to find a Bible that has Jesus’ words printed in red, but a 40 Day study and experience that challenges us to read and respond to what Jesus said in the Bible. The Challenge identifies five main principles from Jesus’ teachings:

  1. Being
  2. Forgiving
  3. Serving
  4. Giving
  5. Going

Each of the principles will be introduced over the first five days of the Challenge. Then, over the following five weeks, we will focus on each of these principles for the week. Each day we will be challenged to respond to what Jesus has said.

The Challenge will serve as our daily Lenten devotion. The principles will be introduced each week at our online, midweek Lenten service, and we will be posting a short daily video focused upon that day’s reading and challenge.  The videos will be posted each morning at 7 am through April 11.  Those videos will be posted on as well as on Ascension’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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